Curiouser and Awesomuser

I might be just a teensy bit, ever so slightly, only moderately obsessed Disney artist Brianna Garcia.

I might have once considered camping out at D23 in front of her booth to get a signed sketch.

It’s possible that I follow her on deviantart and facebook and tumblr.

But I don’t feel guilty at all for my hypothetical mania  because the internet is in agreement with me.   Dipsters fell in love with Garcia’s art and her (semi-canon?) couple Alice and Reginald at the When Curiosity Meets Insanity story.  In this Disney meta-world (or backstage at the theme park- it’s hard to keep those apart), the Hatter and Alice get tangled in a teasing, tangled love story.  She’s a little older and he’s a lot younger in Garcia and Rain’s version, don’t worry. It seems that the story was inspired by the antics of the real cast members.  I can’t decide which I love more.

Even though the story has stalled over time, with all the projects that Garcia has been working on, you know, for work, artists keep the love going with fanvids and other fanart.  There’s talk of a reboot on tumblr, but until that happens, I keep myself happy with this piece of awesome:

Brianna Garcia: When curious meets insanity

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