Down the rabbit hole

Alice in Wonderland is kind of like an acid trip, I hear.

The 90’s were sort of like an acid trip,  I know. (I mean I know what the 90s were like. Not the other thing.)

Ergo, the 90’s were sort of like Alice in Wonderland.

No, the 90’s were VERY like Alice in Wonderland.  So alike, in fact, that it was only natural for Disney to make a TV show in which a character from the picture on the front of a Babysitter Club novel gets to go through her mirror into a Wonderland that puts Lisa Frank to shame.

Yes, there was a version of Alice in which the Tweedle boys dressed (and danced) like MC Hammer and White Rabbit rollerskated.  This all made sense because, like, duh, Alice’s stone-wash denim and massive bangs helped her totally fit in with her new friends there.  And, Rod Stewart had a radical jacket just like Hare’s. It may look kooky, but this was a tubular show.  There were 100 episodes and it was a popular rerun through the decade.  You just HAVE to go see it at TeaForTen’s channel. I can tell you’re not convinced yet, so I’ll just mention that Teri Garr plays the Duchess.

Disney's Adventures in Wonderland

Way? Way!

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