Mutant Easter Bunny

It’s still too early to be planning for Easter, since I haven’t decided what non-meat to serve for dinner this Friday.

We assumed it would be much the same as every year, watching Bean Bunny run from the big, bad dog.


I realize that Tale of the Bunny Picnic has nothing to do with Easter except for bunnies and pastels. But now that all Henson characters are owned by Disney, this is my official Disney Easter tradition.

Easter conventions don’t hold much appeal for me.  But what if there were giant, silver Robot-Rabbits instead of bouncy, fluffy white ones?  How about if the chick-chick-chickies were actually Alien Invaders that had to be squashed between graham crackers and blown up with microradiation?

What if – what if-?

No worries – has me covered with Alien Eggs patterns.

Easter (and the universe) has been saved.

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