5 Days of Green: laurel

I hope Monday morning greets you all with hangovers and a smudge of verdant glitter still on your cheek.  Start the work week properly, though, with your favorite clothing in viridian hues.

Take your cues from the ladies themselves.  No Disney posting series would be complete without princesses, so here they are in jade, olive, fir, moss, and peacock, avocado, artichoke, apple, and pea.  Excuse me, I’m getting hungry.

Belle, Aurora, and Ariel at Disneyclips.com Also Jasmine

Merida and Elinor at Disney.go

Cinderella on fanpop.com

Tiana always

Pocahontas at clipartonline.com

Mulan looking fancy  and Rapunzel in a green dress at deviantart.com.  I’m glad there are talented people out there who can do it for me.

Snow White, you’re out of luck today.

I would end this post with another clever quip, but I am completely out of synonyms for that G-word.

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