Movie goodies

For everything I don’t miss about Japan, there’s everything I do.

I used to make a habit of strolling by the movie theaters, not to see a movie but to visit the gift shop.

Yes! Theaters in Japan have gift shops!

Theaters sell posters, books, toys, and stationary for the newest movies.  It’s like mini-Disney stores all over the city! To accessorize this Rapunzel girly-girly pen, you have a comb, a brush, and a deer.  Why a deer?  It’s cute!

Narnia postcards: it's not bragging if I send you a present

Even ordinary stationary stores are enough to Disnify your office or home work space.  

Chip and Dale photo albums

Your favorite characters go everywhere with you on these mini photo albums.   You can even put your favorite characters IN the albums.  (Who needs cute baby pics?)

Mostly though, I love that Michael Jackson is so popular there that they sell Captain EO keychains.

Captain EO keychain Take me to your Supreme Leader

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