Kingdom Heart’s fb page today hosted a little survey to gauge fan interest in preordering their new release

Kingdom Hearts two and a half!  two point five!  Whatever, the world needs saving and only Sora can do it!

Kingdom Hearts Sora opening a door

When I lock a door in this house, I expect it to stay locked, kids!

(By the way, if you take the survey, vote for Artbook and keyblade keychain for promos.)

This means that nearly all of the Kingdom Hearts franchise titles will be available in HD, one way or another.  This also means that, no matter when the original release dates were, you can now watch the entire thing in chronological order.  (Except for Birth by Sleep…but that’s kind of like reading the Magician’s Nephew first – what kind of fool does that!?)

Kingdom Hearts 1.5 includes KH 1 (the original, be still my heart), Chain of Memories (everything you wish you’d known before you started playing 2), and the theatrical version from 358/2.  I don’t feel gyped by the last one because there are a lot of cut-scenes in that game, with rich history on Axel and Roxas, but the actual play is tedious and features the rucksack from King’s Quest.

Kingdom Hearts Halloweentown

It’s a race to preorder on Amazon!

Kingdom Hearts 2.5 will include KH2 (I’m feeling twitterpated!), Birth by Sleep (the prequel), and cut-scenes from re:coded.  Translating Nintendo DS games into Big Kid consoles is a challenge, so I neither anticipate nor care if re:coded is ever released on the PlayStation, as long as we get the videos for backstory   It’s getting to where you can’t even enjoy the games if you don’t know the history in between them.  You can still play, of course, but you have no idea who these people are or what they want.

Kingdom Hearts Prince Phillip and Aqua

KH2.5: in which we learn the truth about Roxas and the Keyblade…and also realize that Prince Phillip is a wuss and needed a girl to fight the dragon for him.

The only title left out of the Sorapalooza is Dream Drop Distance, where Sora and Riku head off to train with Yen Sid.  (Again, am I the only one shocked to discover this geezer had a name….and that it’s Disney spelled backwards?)  Gameplay is designed to get players – I mean Sora and Riku – ready for the  next battle.  I haven’t played it, but apparently, the gang is worried that Xehanort will rise again and have to be defeated.  This is a good assumption since A) It happened before.  The man has more versions of himself than Voldemort.   B) The door to Kingdom Hearts is apparently not very well locked.  It blows open every time there’s a breeze.  C) Trailers are already out for KH3.

So, let’s recap.  We’re all excited for KH3, and we plan to spend the summer crunching baddies on KH1.5 and 2.5 to refresh our memory.  If you don’t have time for that, you can review all the characters at at the KH wiki or use a visual aid.  Or, here’s the short version.

Kingdom Hearts relationship chart

I stole this from tumblr. I hate that you can’t find original artists nowadays.

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