It’s all very hush-hush

In the excitement over (award-winning, viral songs, yadayada) Frozen and this summer’s Maleficent, Disney is waiting to roll out the campaign carpet for Inside Out.

What’s that?

You know, that movie where the characters are emotions in a little girl’s head?

The one where the backdrop is just a black screen?

*sigh* The one with Mindy Kaling, Amy Poehler, Bill Hader, Lewis Black, and Phyllis Smith?

Yes, that new Disney movie.

Inside Out isn’t due in theaters until June 2015, so D&Co have done little to promote it.  They don’t even update their facebook page (and if you follow anything Disney on fb, you know how much they love their social media.)

Luckily, the stars themselves are fostering this baby.  Mindy posted an Instagram picture of herself reading the script for Disgust.

Mindy Kaling reading the script for her character

Let’s do what I do every time Mindy posts a photo – examine her clothes.  Ms. Style has covered up her outfit with the script, so let’s look at the character instead.  Mindy has been rocking monochromatic outfits this month, and Disgust does green very well.  The pop of pink is the perfect touch, though, and I expect she’ll look dazzling against the black background.  The a-line cut is definitely retro, with that geometric print and 50’s throw-back scarf.  Verdict: chic and flattering.

Mindy’s signature mischievous grin can be seen in the eyes, but we know she does “snarky” equally well. Since the film chronicles a sensitive teenage girl’s sudden move to Minnesota (no way that would set off an emotional blitzkrieg, right?), we foresee that Disgust, and Mindy’s zinger one-liners, will supply us with lots of snickers and belly-laughs.

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