Imitation is the best flattery

I intended to diversify my posts and stop writing about Elsa.

But, we had another snow day.  The morning after “Let it Go” won Best Original Song.  Not a coincidence, I be thinking.

I’m getting kinda fed up with all this white shiz outside the window, so today I’ll regale you with the top 5 Frozen musical parodies

5.  I’m not sure if this is about giving up on the idea of being a perfect mom, or giving up on getting your life back after kids.  Whatever, points for a spidey cape.

4.  The princess-birdy at the end does it for me.

3.  The awkward teeny-boy voice makes this all the more funnier.

2.  Who thought of this!?

1. And of course, the best, which you’ve already seen.

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