Now accepting applications

Wanted:  Nanny for one discombobulated adult.  Choice position.  Pick your own hours.  Must be able to tolerate loud banging from other apartment tenants.  Extravagant, plush sleeping conditions with extra throw pillows (recently Scotchguarded). Wage negotiated upon at interview.

I have arrived at the conclusion that I need magical intervention.  It’s not entirely fair that all the supernatural life helpers are assigned to children.  Young children have to study for a total of, like, 15 minutes.  They clean up something like 30 small objects a day.   They don’t have to drop off vehicles to get the oil changed.  And, young unmarried females don’t need all the special benefits; they get to file the 1040EZ.  Full-time employees with children are the ones who need genies and witches and fairy godmothers!

Right now, the Mary Poppins in me is channelling this:


Practically perfect is good enough.

Your turn to talk

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