A new fantastic point of view on Aladdin

Disney’s pulled the magic carpet back to reveal some of the designs for their new Broadway version of Aladdin, opening March 20.

This means Dipsters get new…


and music.  But mostly


Beauty and the Beast, in all its Broadway glory, has the theatrical flavor of “pastoral opera meets kids in giant food costumes.” In a totally good way. So, it’s no wonder that it has continued to do so well. Lion King, Disney’s next stage adaptation, though, was a surprising choice, considering that the design of a zoological cast had to be re-imagined to fit into…well..a different sort of jungle.  Instead of playing it safe with last winter’s nativity play leftovers, Lion King: the Musical transformed the story into a richer experience.

Aladdin’s menagerie of mystery should be equally stunning, considering how many of the songs are pure spectacle.  The sneak peak at Buzzfeed’s interview with the cast reveals exceptional embroidery details and fabric textures.    The actress playing Jasmine also hints at a larger, less damoiselle role for the princess.   That and she gets more accessories.

And it’s no secret I really, really, really love Naveen Andrews as Jafar (going so far as to ship him with Jasmine or any eligible young lady). Still, it’s exciting to know that the voice actor from the original, Jonathan Freeman, will be playing the Mighty Evil One for the Original Broadway Cast recording.  It would be a shame to lock up this face in a bottle for ten thousand years.

kip naveen andrews


This post was edited to correct an error saying Lion King was the first Broadway stage adaption.

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