Better than Idina Mendel

HMOP, did I just write that!?

You love Idina; I love Idina; we all love Idina!  I would not argue for a better cover of “Let it Go” unless it really was fantastically phenomenal.

Unbelievably awesome.

Mentally magnificent.

Who decided to pump up Disney’s new song with African tribal beats, a back-up choir, a stunning child vocalist, random ice-skating, an ice maze, and feathers?  Because I want that person to create my wedding video.

I might have been willing to rank this version equal to the original, but the costumes blow the Disney design team out of the water.   If you could make anything out of ice, wouldn’t you make a crystal floral arrangement for your hair?  Wouldn’t you?  I know that I would at least create something twirlable.

If you haven’t already, don’t miss the language mashup version, either.

I will go back to Disney-before-Frozen, eventually, I promise.  It’s just so hard to focus when it’s been soooo cold!

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