The villain’s lounge singer

Disney’s new Maleficent can’t possibly get any more bone-crunching, ass-whooping, finger-lickin good, you thought.

Angelina Jolie + Queen of Evil = So Delicious the adult video store down the street just noticed a 15% drop in sales, you thought.

D & Co. has to refrain themselves from making the most fabulous movie of all time or they’ll never be able to top it, you thought.

Johnny Depp will sulk in a corner and refuse to make another Disney film again when Jolie gets better press than him, you thought.

You thought wrong.

Who is the one celebrity who can out-do Jolie for red lipstick and sultry eyes?  Lana Del Rey.  So, guess who’s singing “Once Upon a Dream” for the OST?

This shit is better than coffee.  And it’s free for download on Google Play until Feb 3

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