Gears and girls and ghouls, oh my!

I know that I had decided on a Zarina cosplay, but that has been shelved for now.  A new breed of awesome has arrived today.

She’s Steampunk.  She’s Disney.  She’s a painter of imagination. She’s your guide on a new game reliving all your favorite Disney movies.


Disney has introduced a new game for Facebook, iThings, and Android (though, like all things D, we’ll have to wait for the last) called Hidden Worlds.

The vibrant land in the picture is Inkspire, where the Inklings live in a mix between neverland and an artists commune.  Chrona is a visitor, not their princess, but she does have one of the best character designs I’ve seen come out of the Company recently.

It is little more than a hidden objects game with crafting and point-accumulation on the side.  As of now, there don’t seem to be any mini-games.  Like all social media games, you have a limited number of rounds (in the form of energy) per day, but the more “friends” you have playing, the easier it is.


At first, only the world of Beauty and the Beast is available, but Tangled and Aladdin are visible for unlocking, and I assume more will come.  chroma4

The home screen reminds me of navigating the bound worlds of Kingdom Hearts, but all worlds here are created with the magic of the Inklings, facsimiles of the Disney films Chroma remembers from before she came to Inkspire.  In each story, the images and dialogue are lifted directly from the films, so playing the world recreates the movie, unlike Kingdom  Hearts’s original storyline.


Similarly, the villain is more of a background device, an explanation for having the game progress at a measured pace.  He’s a splotch of ink gone awry, when Chroma mistakenly imagined herself an adventure.  As she sets each world along its correct track, replacing stolen items, he may pop up now and again, but the backstory is not a large feature of the game.


The player sees much more of the airship and eflish Inklings who appear in the extraneous parts of the game.


While I don’t generally like hidden object games, I’m playing to test it out FOR YOU, because someone has to take on the tough jobs.  Also, it’s winter break right now, and I don’t want to study for comps.  And I like airships.

Making a Chroma outfit is a much better use of my time.  So, I hope that this game catches on well enough that someone would recognize who I’m dressed as if I wear it to DisneyCon.





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