La Belle et la Bete

Disney’s animation studios have been churning out please-all movies about princess and animistic vehicles for the past few years, so forgive me if I don’t get too excited about a Planes sequel for 2014.

All of my excitement is getting soaked up in anticipation of Angelina Jolie as Maleficent in May 2014, Cinderella in March 2015, and now this French remake of Beauty and the Beast with amazing people that I admittedly don’t know much about, but I know that I’ve seen them do great in other things.  I have no head for names.

I have no head for anything after watching this trailer.

I will give you a proper post after I get up from the floor…the sleeves in that white dress reduce me to a puddle, and Beast’s ruby-encrusted glove, and the flower petals in the ballroom scene.  My heart and lungs may not survive a full 2 hour viewing of this film.

I speak no French beyond “Je voudrais un croque monsieur” (because a girl’s gotta eat) and “Je ne fume pas” (because…that’s a long story.)  So, all following comments are liable to be absolutely incorrect.

It appears that this film follows the old fairy tale, the merchant’s  decision to pluck a rare rose to fulfill his daughter’s one wish, in spite of the Beast’s letter warning him not to touch the roses.  She takes her father’s place, but instead of finding a castle of enchanted statuary and objects (a little close to Disney, perhaps?) in this movie, Belle finds the love-child of a house-elf and an aye-aye.

I can only speculate that Vincent Cassel’s scenes in lick-smacking velvet are the backstory for the Beast, and there is a brother? suitor? who comes to rescue her.  Could someone translate the French for me in return for my early translation of Frozen’s trailer?

From the tantalizing snippets in this trailer, B n B have a dynamic relationship.  Lea Seydoux’s physical reactions to the Beast crackle with both terror and attraction.  Her confidence and strength of heart, shown as she leads his arm to her waist, will whisper integrity into this classic Stockholm Syndrome story.  Even through the performance capture (similar to that used on Gollum) I think Cassel will be able to convey the vulnerability audiences need to connect with him.  After all, in the original version, Beast did offer the entire hospitality of the castle to the merchant, as long as he didn’t touch the roses.

The French release is set for Feb 12, without notice of an expected release for the US.

In confession, though, I don’t actually care about the plot or acting.  I want just want to freeze-frame every costume while I consume tubs of ice cream.  I don’t think that’s too much to expect from life.

Dress.  Want.


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