10 Disney Travel Must-Haves

Everybody’s going to be hitting the airports and highways over the next few weeks.  Before you walk out the door, make sure you’ve got these staples for a Disneylicious holiday.

10 Holiday Travel Must-Haves

1.Disney Frozen Rolling Travel Trunk

14573623_Alt01_201307261146 (1)

There’s barely enough room for a scarf and mittens, much less a full set of clothes. But, when I stroll through customs with this pink baby, I’ll be the envy of every 11-year-old.

2. Chicks and Villains Nesting Travel Bags


Everything I need to princeess-ify myself, in a CLEAR bag, just like TSA wants, packed with….

3. Disney Fairies Compact and Pop-up Brush


That’s right. Compact and Brush. Because fairies do everything small.  I don’t have enough space in that Frozen Travel Trunk for a real brush.

4.Sleeping Beauty Forest Dress


Airplane travel requires comfy, stretchy clothes for looking fab, wrinkle-free, and well-rested. With tights and Tom’s, this dress is a much better present than a chromatically variating ballgown. (BTW, have you seen a Hot Topic recently?  They  have a wall of Disney!)

5. Moleskin Ltd Ed Mickey Journal


Keep track of museum stubs, memos, and memories along the way with Moleskin.  *happy shiver*

6. Dory iPad mini case


Dragging the computer with you is a pain, but the mini lets you slip it into your purse and just keep swimming through the security line.

7. The perfect hat

Either Jessie’s wide-brim to keep the sun off the eyes


or an Ewok fuzzy if you’re bound for snowy climes.


8. Sophia the First Headphones


Stand back – I am a princess.

9. Classic Donald Watch


Donald will never let you miss your flight because your battery is low.

10. 64oz Pooh and Friends Animal Crackers


Airplanes charge you for snacks these days, but this Costco-sized package will keep the kids quiet on an overseas flight.

Travel safe, my pretties!

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