Springfield is in Snow Day Day No. Im-going-bat-crazy-here.  The drifting fluff outside the window ought to make me sigh in wintry pleasure, but I can only take so much of my own kids’ company.

And, last Thursday, my car did this.


So, until the nice people at AmFam can get it fixed for me, I might break and just walk the icy sidewalks to the movie theater and see Frozen again.  Winter does things to me; I cannot be relied upon between November and February.

I will persevere and get through this, with the help of Netflix.  Today, I took advantage of the boys’ unrivalled attention to watch all 144 minutes of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, and tomorrow they’ll be subjected to 2 1/2 hours of Dr. Dolittle.

I got from this experience four important things

1) Knowledge that classics are good.  The boys protested at first, but by the end, they were jumping off the couch in anticipation of the flying car.

2) Desire  for candy whistles.  I think these existed at some time, or maybe I tried to make one out of a candy cane.  Either way, they’re sugar, so no loss.

3) Realization that my fascination with twirly skirts might be attributable to Truly.

4) Rediscovery of this lovely lullabye, Hushabye Mountain.

I realize that CCBB is not Disney, but the score was composed by the legendary Sherman Brothers, which is very-nearly-almost-sometimes-better-than the Big D.  Also, this movie came out two years after Walt’s death in 1966, and I like to think that he enjoyed watching it from his cloud.  Critics at the time were not enthusiastic about the film, but considered it a welcome family-friendly break from other racier theatrical options; and family is where all Disney magic begins.

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