I won’t say I’m in love (reprise)


Did you realize that Jack and Sally never say those three little words?  Even though it’s plain, for anyone to see,  they’re simply meant to be, they don’t call their feelings “love.”

I wonder if that was something that Tim Burton decided and enforced.  It would be odd, after all, to listen to ghoulies and nightmares professing goodness and heart.  Instead, Jack and Sally refer to each other as “dear friend.” This deep friendship (yeah, we know what you really meant) carries the weight of the moral progress in the story.  If not for this small voice of conscience, we would think that everyone in Halloweentown is callous and only values fear.   In Sally, we see compassion, and we see the quiet, sensitive side of the town.  They scare because they care.

Most importantly, Sally demonstrates that she understands Jack better than anyone, the visions that burn in his head, how far he might mistakenly carry himself, and the repose that he truly needs.  This creates a relationship journey different from the standard Disney couples, one based on a long-standing familiarity and her saving him (from the destruction that he caused in the first place, but it’s still romantic.)  It’s no surprise that Jack and Sally are often featured as fans’ favorite pairings, then!  For a peek at sweet, slightly-creepy moments of the skeleton and the ragdoll, don’t miss Disney artist Brianna Garcia’s sketches.

I don’t think Jack and Sally would appreciate a Happily Ever After, so I wish the couple Rest In Peace.

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