Go Evil or Go Home

I know from experience that when you wear a Disney villains costume, nearly everyone will call you, “That witch…from that movie…” (Except you, 10-year-old boy in the trunk-or-treat line.  You knew I was Maleficent last year, and you rock.)

However, if you go as a group of villains, there’s no mistaking one for the other.  All members can feel bad-ass and self-actualized together, and little kids will walk cautiously the other way instead of trying to pawn candy from you.

For example, imagine prom pictures if you all went as this…

From according-to-kelly.com


or if your wedding party looked a bit like this… (so much cosplay goodness in this link, btw)

From thereshesews.blogspot.com


or getting through security at the airport in this… (HMOP, best Yzma ever!)

From otherdimensionsandgalazies.blogspot.com


…but we have to give props (and candy!) to the best family costume coordination team.

From thecraftpatch.blogspot.com


Live long and eat candy corn, my friends.


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