Villainous Videos

Working life got you down?  Finding it hard to focus on pumpkins and poltergeist when you’re worried about the possibility of chemical weapons in Syria?  Though the wind may chill, you have nothing to fear but fear itself (and deranged dictators, but let’s focus on the supernatural for now.)  Get in the mood with these distractingly-cheezy Halloween flicks.

Ichabod Crane

Disney’s Halloween Treat:

or the creepy-in-your-childhood-nightmares Magic Mirror version

Claymation’s Comedy of Horrors

Pooh being very un-scary

The Grinch decides to invade yet another holiday not his

I wanted to put Tiny Toons Night Ghoulery here, but there aren’t any copies left on youtube.  Get the others while they’re still hot!  Except for

Silly Skeletons

because I doubt YT’s going to delete that.


Toy Story of Terror

To round all this off, I’ll be tuning into ABC to watch Disney’s release of Toy Story of Terror!!!! on October 16th.


This is how my toys feel when Mom relegates them to the shed.

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