Pinkies Up

You might think from this blog that I am the sort of person who walks around the yard barefoot and has fish fries on the back porch.

You would be right.  Though, I’ll stress how hard it is to find good fish in Missouri.

But, even though I start my sentences with conjunctives, I can be cultured.  I will prove it with the next 3 items on the 99 Very Important Things To Do list.

22.  Go on a Color Hunt at the Art Museum.  The boys and I will each find our favorite piece from each color of the rainbow.  Bonus points will be given for “clear.”

23.  Attend a live classical music concert.  Hopefully, I can find one in a park, so it’s both free, and no one minds if the boys dance in the aisles.

24.  Take family photos at a specialty photo booth or purikura.  Selfies are a legitimate form of art.

Even if it looks more like this.

The list continues at Springpad.


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