We all want to be beautiful.  We all want the world around us to be beautiful.  Rihanna says we all want love, too, but I suspect a random survey would reveal that most people would rather have chocolate instead.

The next 3 items on the (100-1)d list are about making things just a bit more beautiful.

17.  Pick some wildflowers to bring into the house.  I can’t bring home the ones at the nature center, but I might pluck the chicory downtown, because noone wants it anyways.

18.  Participate in a road-side cleanup.  Because no-one likes to see yesterday’s lunch on the way home.

19.  Say a new positive thing at work every morning.  It’s easy in my job to collect negative feelings, and sometimes it’s good to vent with co-workers.  (I imagine it’s the same at every office.)  But this can spiral outward to a general pessimism about what we do and how to fix the problems we and the students are having.  Even if I don’t have solutions, I can work to keep up morale.  We all came into the job loving something about it, and we can all help remind someone else who loses that spark.

The whole list is being built at Springpad.


Also, my life would be beautiful if I had a Disney Pirate Fairy foam sword.  I am obsessed with this Zarina chick and I don’t even know what she looks like.


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