Which witch is which

Nick Pitera and Angelina Jolie both took stage at DisneyCon, and I missed my chance to see them.  So, I’ll have to stalk them separately now; missing D23 is actually anti-productive for me.

The Company rolled out more information about next year’s Maleficent, telling fans that she was once good, then turned bad, but might turn good again through the cuteness of Elle Fanning.  Much like Lara Croft, I couldn’t care less about Maleficent’s moral compass, and truly just want to see her be badass.


Disney has decided that franchising is the way to go, however, with a slew of superhero movies, in which everyone but Black Widow gets a moment of glory.

Even Disney’s other new acquisition, Queen Amidala.

Natalie Portman Chris Hemsworth

My brain can’t handle the meta in this picture.

Also, Kenneth Branagh will be directing a new Cinderella live-action.  Mr. Shakespeare wants to dig deeper into the story to make it more dramatic.  I hope “more dramatic” means “overflowing visas of gorgeous costumes and scenery.”   It’s always possible someone will die.

And speaking of the darker side of fairy tales, someone’s getting their eyes pecked out next year for Into the Woods, which could be very bad or very good.  On the one hand, you have Chris Pine , Meryl Streep , and Lucy Punch ( I love Lucy!)  On the other, we have Emily Blunt, Anna Kendrick, and (let’s be honest) Johnny Depp.  At least there is one character who you simply could not miscast, Rapunzel, because anyone with a modicum of comedic timing and a high G could do that role.  Like the other movies on Disney’s lineup, we already know the ending (and the words to all the songs…) so how we get there will be more important than where we’re going.  In other words, costumes!!!


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