Pixar Announcements

As I put on my fuzzy L. L. Bean slippers, I chanted to myself, “I wish I was at DisneyCon, I wish I was at DisneyCon.”

And nothing happened.

It seems that yesterday was a bonanza of Pixar glory.   (I wouldn’t know for sure; someone’s fairy godmother has bad reception.)  Here are The Company’s latest announcements in inverse order of awesomeness, but please remember that I have only second-hand information for you.

First, Summer 2014 will bring us animated dinosaurs on the screen again.  The Good Dinosaur has been one of Bob Peterson’s  baby projects for a while (director of Up), and you can see the artistic influence of stylized classic children’s books like Danny and the Dinosaur.  According to an interview back in March, the premise of the movie is dinosaurs living in their natural habitat, and herbivores performing kindly dinosaur “good” things, as opposed to dinosaur “bad” things.  Also, the directors want to challenge what “dinosaur” means to us.   At D23, though, they announced that it will show dinosaurs today, and what they would have acted like if they had lived on.

I don’t understand, but it’s cute, so I don’t care.

I am curious how this movie is different from an entire franchise about dinosaur herbivores, which even dedicates songs to how we’re all different, but still good, or the 1993 film We’re Back, which is like Spielberg had a child with Care Bears.

Planes will also have a sequel.  Whatever.

Big Hero 6 received some more press, but until I see something actually impressive, I’m scrolling on.

2015 is the year to watch, because Amy Poehler, Jack Black, and Mindy Kaling fans can all unite for Inside Out.  I think emotions become full-fleshed people in this film, which doesn’t leave much potential for character development.  However, I could happily listen to a little green Mindy snark off for a whole hour and a half.

Frozen also released some stills of Anna and Kristoff’s first meeting.  Although the movie is being released Nov 27th, there has been a proper trailer in every language except English.  Maybe they’re waiting for the last day of DisneyCon.  Maybe they just want to make sure their Olaf merchandise will sell this Christmas.

If this all looks hookey and you’re hoping to see your time-tested characters again, Pixar also played part of a Toy Story 30-minute special Toy Story of TERROR!.  (If the exclamation point is part of the title, do I add a period at the end of the sentence??)  D23 attendees didn’t totally scoop us on this because the full version will air on ABC on October 16th.  So, you can download it on October 17th, like me.

And Dory gets lost (big surprise) so we’ll have to find her this time around.  You’ll have plenty of time to practice before Finding Dory is released in November 2015.

Also, John Ratzenberger led a marching band.

Last, the Fairy franchise rises again with “The Pirate Fairy.”

I will start a cosplay project as soon as that silhouette gets filled out.  The End.

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