In which we crush fruit



On a hot muggy day in July, I mentioned how it was so hot that I wanted ice cream, but that would require putting a bra over my sunburn, which was even worse than not having ice cream.  If my husband was not 100,000 miles away, I’d make him get the ice cream for me.

In unrelated news, my mother made ice cream for the boys.




She found a recipe for pineapple whip a la Mouse, and we do mean whip.  If you’re looking for a lighter calorie option, you could eat your fill of this.  The website is dedicated to perfecting those Disneyworld and Disneyland foods that are part of some people’s best memories of the parks.  And the result, it appears, is magical.


I think this is a dance of approval.  

I’m not a big fan of pineapple whip, even if it comes in a plastic cup with Mickey on the front (it always tastes sour to me), so the search continues for frozen treats that will appear out of thin air.

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