Now that Rose is in a car bound for Portland, I’ll continue the 99 Very Important Things To Do list.  (Because why blog for her when I can walk into the kitchen and just tell her my next big idea.   Like…


16.  Buy a Netherland Dwarf rabbit.  I’ve wanted to since I was 12 or something.  My mother-in-law knows all about raising house-rabbits, so I’ll leave all care and stinky bits to my husband.


This picture kind of looks like him, too.

17.  Learn how to make spinach puffs.  Apparently, they’re easy; I just need the recipe.  Someone else can take care of the body.

18.  Cook dinner for my in-laws.  All the times I was at their house eating their food and drinking their beer and using their printer, I never once cooked American food for them.  I don’t think they’d want American food, but I could cook Korean or Mexican or Indian or Canadian food or whatever.

See the whole (100-1)d list at Springpad.

And now I will end the parentheses because grammar is important.)


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