Las Chicas

There’s always plenty of good bromance in Disney, not just the new Pixar kind.  There was Pete and his dragon, Pinocchio and his cricket, Lightning and his tow-truck.  Friendship was the theme of the movie for Oliver and Dodger, Tod and Copper, and now the Lone Ranger and Tonto.  Who can forget Robin and Little John, Aladdin and Genie, or Mowgli and Baloo?

Now, name a pair of female best friends from a Disney movie.

Why do chick flicks have to be all about love?  Why can’t we get a family -friendly girl power film, like Steel Magnolias or Beaches, but where nobody dies?  We’d like a heroine who has more friends than the local wildlife and rodents.   We’re really not all that interested in girls who are lonesome and unloved, awkward and overlooked.  We’re done with high school, already.  We want someone on screen who goes out with her girls and leaves the man at home.  Like Brave, with fewer bears.

Inside the vault, there is a movie that breaks the mold, in fact, and a woman who chooses her own path in life over her love’s.  No coincidence that she has a terrific best friend, I think.

Pocohontas and Nakoma

Sorry bud.  Chicks before dicks, you know.

Nakoma is often the reason and reality that Pocahontas needs, and our lead brings levity and magic into her friend’s life.

 Pocahontas actually punches the relationship in the gut for a while when she gets distracted by a boy.  But a true friend sees you through to the end, even if the end involves life-threatening acts of near insanity (we think someone would get used to those with Pocahontas, anyways.)
Once she figures out where Pocahontas’ heart lies, it’s Nakoma who figures out how to get the forlorn lovers to meet.  I suspect that she was the one who thought up most of their mischief and adventures when the two were younger.  Pocahontas didn’t pick her best friend by hair sense, we assume.
As Nakoma watched John Smith sail away, though, I bet she was secretly glad and agreed with us that he didn’t deserve her.
Oh, looks like people die in this one, too.   And there’s still bears.

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