Me. And more me.

I was charitable last week, but not so today.  My 100-1d list is turning a corner and indulging in some selfish wishes for my 99 Very Important Things To Do.

10.  Learn to sail.  Then sail a lot.  This will come in handy when I become a pirate.

11.  Take a long bath with just myself.  Maybe my teddy bear, if I’m feeling hospitable.


12.  Master the art of the French Press.  I’ve already made great strides by actually owning (borrowing/stealing from the back of my mom’s cabinet) a french press.  AND I bought coffee to put in it.  That’s two steps already, so according to Mary Poppins logic, I’m about 75% done already.

Watch the whole 100-1d list come to life at Springpad.

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