Karma Credit

Sometimes life bitch-slaps you.  Slapping back is not an appropriate response.

A better technique is to store up good juju beforehand, to be proactive and avoid conflict in the first place.

Today’s Very Important Things To Do are about earning karma credit.

7.  Help a friend with something he or she can’t do alone.  Maybe you have a special skill.  Maybe that person has a weak point.  Maybe the thing that needs to get nailed back is in a place that can’t be reached by the wearer.



It could happen to anyone.


8.  Go 24 hours tech-free.  We couldn’t even accomplish this as a family for a weekend at the lake, as the kids inevitably wanted to play games on the kindle, Grandma brought out solitaire on her ipad, and BriBear and I played Harry Potter trivia games on her smartphone.  The only one who did go without gadgets was Grandpa, because he dropped his phone in the water and forgot the Netflix movie.  But I know that it is physically possible.


9.  Walk instead of ride.  Maybe it won’t be far, but I need to make a habit, not an occasion, of walking when it’s possible.


See the whole (100-1) d list at Springpad.

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