Set your priorities

The 100 minus 1 day list, in which we have 99 Very Important Things To Do, continues.

Today we eat.

4.   Have a picnic.  With my sons.  With my sisters. With friends.  Possibly with strangers, but only if they provide the food.


5.  Make honey kisses.  These drop cookies are one of the first I made as a child, and the best part about them is throwing the dough against the kitchen wall.  That’s what gives them their flavor.

I’m still looking for the old recipe I used, but I may just adapt this very simple one at Jelly, Peaches, and Ice Cream because with a name like that, clearly the blogger and I think alike.

6.   Visit Askinosie Chocolate Factory.  This is also on my list of 10 New Things in Springfield.  It’s a high priority.

pooh lunch

quote from

See the whole list at (100-1)d on Springpad.

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