99 Days of Summer

This is not a bucket list.

This list is things that I want to do and want to stop putting off.  I want to do them more than once.  I should do some of them at least every day.  Some of them are inspired by Pooh or Disney, and some of them just sound like a good idea.

33 days.  3 ideas a day.  99 Very Important Things To Do.

1.  Play Pooh-sticks.  Everyone has done this before, but didn’t know that it had a name.  Collect the most nautically-dynamic stick in the woods, drop it off a bridge, and see whose comes out first on the other side.

Don’t pick sticks that look the same, though.


2.  Fly a Kite. Up to the highest height.  Go on, send it soaring.

3.  Build a snow fort.  Not a summer To-Do.  In fact, it hasn’t snowed enough in Springfield to allow this for a while.  But the next big snow we get, watch out for projectiles in my yard.

See the whole 100 minus 1 list at Springpad

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