Kronk gets it

I have spent a good portion of my time this summer listening or reading things that made no sense.  It’s not the speakers’ or writers’ faults; they’re ESL students.  But when I realized that Kronk understood squirrel better than I understand some of my own students, I reconsidered my career choice.


As nearly as I can tell, the syntax is very simple and seems to rely more on cues like ASL than on morphology. And due to Squirrel serving as the lingua franca of so many rodents around the world, it’s probably very inclusive of foreign accents.  The intonation patterns might be hard to pick up, but I am confident I can manage them.

Thought it didn’t make it onto US New’s 100 best jobs list, you’d have to agree with me that there is a shortage of Squirrel Translators in our current economy.


2 thoughts on “Kronk gets it

  1. In case anyone is offended…like random linguists or something, I’ll cover Cabbage’s butt and point out that yes, ASL does indeed have morphology. But you get her point 😉

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