I am completely sober for this post.

The Studio released some more stills and excitement for Frozen on Yahoo! and Insider today.  Though I’m still mad at the “we’re so cool, we need an exclamation mark” people, these photos make for it.  A bit.

The character descriptions provide us more information about the storyline, since a proper trailer hasn’t been released yet.  (I do not count the ice-skating snowman.)  The Snow Queen herself, Elsa, has an intriguing backstory akin to an X-Man or One Piece childhood trauma arc.  She hides her ability to create and control ice until she hurts her sister, AnnaTheRapunzelClone, and locks herself away with her best friends, the snow bunnies.   So, Anna traipses into the frosty wilderness to thaw Elsa’s cold, cold heart.

This is a new twist on the story.  I’ve always liked the H.C. Andersen original, with its adventure and heroic female lead saving her lad from the heartless clutches of a woman who knows no love.  It’s the happy-ending version of some of his other unrequited love stories, like The Little Mermaid and The Nightingale.  I’m not sure which I’d have preferred, girl-rescues-boy, or girl-rescues-sister, but I’ll accept what Disney is doing, as long as they do it fresh.

We also get more information about the two young men in Anna’s adventure, Kristoff and Hans.  Although I usually love a guy in a Victorian suit, I still ship Kristoff.  Hans looks a little tooooo eager to please, if you get my drift.  He might end up being a pawn of the dastardly Duke of Weselton.
There are also two comedy side-kicks which we will not mention, because I’m still miffed about them.

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