Everything is cuter in Japanese

I have discovered that there is a proper trailer for Frozen.

Just not in English.

While we were shown a snowman (who talks) and a reindeer (who doesn’t talk) prancing on ice, the trailer released in Japan last week gives a preview of the characters and plot.  This is what trailers are supposed to do, in fact.

It’s about the same information we got yesterday in the character descriptions, but with much more awesome capes.  In fact, the Japanese translation goes something like this:

I have a cape and great hair; I am fabulous!  – Yeah, you are.  – Join me in my ice kingdom.  – But we didn’t bring earmuffs.  – Sucks to be you, then.

No, I’m mean.  Actually, the translation is:

Allow me to present your new ruler, Queen Elsa.  *yeah, crowd is happy*  

There’s nothing else I can do! *Feet making ice crystals appear like the fairies in Fantasia.*

Big sister, Elsa!  *AnnaWithBrownHair – I don’t know why, either.*

This is the queen’s doing *locking the city in ice.  They probably deserved it.*

I’m going to save my sister. *big mountains*

Elsa, don’t fear your power – you have to believe it it!  *Cool stuff*

Watch out!  *stupid snowman*

What’s going on?  *more cool stuff*

This is no ordinary storm.  I’m my sister’s magic!  *should have brought your earmuffs, girl*

“Anna and the Snow Queen”  *which is a muuuuuch better title than Frozen*

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