O, Octopus, my Octopus

Sorry to be absent recently.  With the announcement that Astrid is being closed by the evil manipulator, Yahoo!, I’ve spend this week researching To-Do lists online.


1.  Who the hell uses a punctuation mark in the company title?  That was exciting in, like, 1997.

2. Octopus is a really hard word to spell.  Especially after a few shots of lime rum.  I have mentioned my aged body’s failure to handle alcohol like I used to.

3.  The world needs an app that syncs with a web-based service to handle recurring items and nested tasks.  It should be in a Winnie-the-Pooh format so that it daily automates a task like “Think” or “Visit best friend.”

4.  If I finally have an evening when I don’t have work-related work that’s due the next day, I shouldn’t celebrate by breaking out the rum.


But, 3 is really important.  If I was any good at anything besides relative pronouns and random Disney facts, I would get started tonight.  Okay, not tonight.

Look, YOU try to type octopus after 3 shots of rum!

Someone do number 3 so I don’t have to.



I will pretend that this was an intentional tie-in, when in fact, I only just discovered the full wisdom of Pooh.


5.  Today sucked.

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