Mouse all the things!

Last night, we went downtown for the city’s 4th of July party, where we waited in long lines to make use of the kids’ events, dodged raindrops watched an animated movie after the ball game ended early, and then saw fireworks.

So, it kind of felt like a Disney vacation.

But I’d still like to see the fireworks display at Magic Kingdom someday, if only to see this pyrotechnic moment.

I can’t find the photographer, and I don’t even know if this shot is real, but it would make a magical end of the day.  I’ve usually gone to the park with small children,whether in Japan or Florida, so we have to leave early.  I don’t know if I’ve seen the fireworks display at all.  But, if this mouse-ears is real, it might top the Hello Kitty one I saw over in Hakkeijima.

Happy Independence Day.  Summer is great, no matter what continent you’re on.

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