Totally Crush-worthy

Here at (100-1)d, we consider daydreaming about, adoring, and possibly obsessing over animated men perfectly natural.  You might think it’s freaky to say the same about animated rodents, but you’ve never met these rats and mice.  Here are five hunky characters who might change your opinion of muroidea.


Justin of NIMH:  a gentleman of utmost character.  His breeding and origins aren’t picturesque, but he makes honorable decisions for himself and his kin.  Plus, he keeps the top button on his collar undone.


Remy the Parisian Chef: cooks.  We can’t resist those big, sweetheart eyes, and he dances a mean carrotango.


Reepicheep of Narnia: warrior of justice.  Fearless, perhaps a bit reckless, but a companion for adventures, to be sure.  This is the sexiest that Eddie Izzard has ever been.


Basil of Baker Street:  sleuth of centuries. I have complained that Great Mouse Detective is unmemorable except for Vincent Price, but that’s not to say that the hero didn’t have his charm.  If Victorian geniuses turn you on, you  might be willing to overlook the fur.


Jake from Down Under: rugged romantic.  Knows the terrain, knows all the locals, and knows how to woo, too.

By the way, everyone of the above-mentioned men is canonically unattached.

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