Summer Shindig

Our masquerade/Labyrinth/Midsummer’s Eve/fairy/birthday/wiknik party was a great success!  (Except for that weird 5 minute shower.)  Since Labyrinth is now owned by Disney (didn’t think of that, did you!?) this is a perfectly legitimate post. Midsummer Masque

We prepped for a long time.  The boys didn’t really help.

2013 Summer 208

2013 Summer 201

Some of the prep was really just hanging out laundry.  (The white was decorations.  The blue was actual laundry because the dryer is out.)

2013 Summer 2 218

But it all came together.  By this I mean that we tossed everything on the tables at the last minute.

So that it would look good for that one picture.

2013 Summer 230

Not that picture.

2013 Summer 2 164

Um, no not that one…in fact, I only include this so you can admire my mask.

2013 Summer 2 188

There.  Don’t we all look nice?

2013 Summer 2 171

And then Mike broke out his new Labyrinth-inspired drink, the Peach Hallucination.

2013 Summer 223

Yes, that is my birthday cake in the foreground.  Set to the perfect time.

And this is what happens when we start drinking before 4.

2013 Summer 226

2013 Summer 2 200

Maybe we should avoid cocktails in the future.

2013 Summer 2 222

And ocean animals.

2013 Summer 2 181

Inevitably, all parties turn into Star Wars reenactments.  This is also legit, though, because the cast is only one degree separation from David Bowie through the muppeteers.

Also, everyone likes light sabers.

2013 Summer 2 217

Then, the dinosaurs decided to upgrade the fairy carriage into a remote controlled 4-wheeler. 2013 Summer 2 204

Rose played with bubbles.

2013 Summer 2 226

Then, the boys turned the Watermelon Bash into the free-for-all sugar rush game.  In the background of this picture, my mom looking out the kitchen window shouting, “That’s a ten-dollar melon!”

But whatever, because you have no power over me.

2013 Summer 2 232

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