It gets better.

I love June.  Not too cold, not too hot.  The rhubarb is out, but the mosquitoes haven’t quite hit.  I can break out my skirts without wishing I was in a bikini.  But if I do want to splash in water, the rivers are still up for canoeing.

Also, some of the world’s best birthdays are in June, like Gaudi, Johnny Depp, and me.

As long as I’m not in Japan, in the middle of a rainy season, it’s almost perfect.

And it’s getting better.

shoppingismagical Shopping really is magical.

Disney stores are having their 50% off sale on bunches of stuff in the store, including the so-good-I-can’t-decide toys that I saw in May.  Since I still have money on my gift card, I think that makes it worth the drive.

Plus, I lost my Disney villains coffee tumbler at work.

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