Cold Feet

After a lot of anticipation and build-up on the facebook page, Disney’s new princess-flick Frozen released its first trailer.


And, no, that snowman isn’t just a short at the beginning.  According to USA Today, the reindeer-dog Sven and the talking snowman will join our heroine for comic relief.  Also, there may be a love triangle, which is only ever okay in korean dramas.  We’ve only seen releases on the rugged mountainman (who has been downgraded from Flynn-look-a-like to Sir-Kay-look-like) so the news of a mysterious prince is like when they suddenly recast Lee Seung-gi’s character to a new idol.

frozen-2013-disney-leading-ladies-30988571-494-447 You had this….

frozen2 …so why?

Kristoff’s not the only one who’s gone through changes.  Anna started out younger, with many more touches of Scandinavian design.

frozen-2013-disney-leading-ladies-30988580-419-448 frozen3 Frozen-Posters-disney-princess-33492614-1080-1600

Perhaps if they’d stayed closer to the storyline and feel of the original Hans Christian Anderson tale Snow Queen, I would have overlooked yet another blonde Disney.  But since they changed so much (I don’t think it’s giving too much away to tell you that the Snow Queen is actually Anna’s sister) they could have heeded fans’ advice and gone for a non-white-people retelling.  (The idea seems to have come from a rumor that Disney was, in fact, going to have a Inuit cast, based on a 2000 Inuit version with Eartha Kitt as the title character.)  … (I must see this version.)

Instead, we have…well, this blogger says it best, but even without a Flynn-clone, it feels like Pixar is recreating its Tangled formula.  And despite the headway made in Brave for bold female characters who don’t need to be saved by a hero, Anna’s description as an ordinary girl whose determination and kindness win her animal friends and melt (literally) the hearts of other characters is a far cry from the reindeer-riding, thief-befriending, fearless Gerda of Anderson’s epic.

Unlike Big Hero 6, I really want to like this movie, so I hope this doesn’t become the “Brother Bear” of computer animation.  But, Disney already disappointed cosplayers everywhere when they chose

frozen-disney-poster-elsa over frozen-disney-concept-art-snow-queen-1.  The sets had better make up for it.

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