You go, dad

It’s that day when we all pretend to like getting up at 4 in the morning to fish with our old pa.  Because even if we don’t catch anything, he’s worth it.

Here’s a few more Disney dads that are worth it, too.

The Sultan  He pushed new legislature through (and that’s no easy task) so that his daughter could marry whoever she deemed worthy. Note that the new law doesn’t specify any gender restrictions.

daddy knows best

Geppetto  Anyone can father a child, maybe send cash on the holidays.  Being a father means taking responsibility for the difficult days and the tough questions.  It means knowing that your choices affect your child, and each step you take is one that the child follows you down.  Fathering is journeying together, even into the belly of a cetacean, if need be.

real boy

Darby O’Gill Sacrificed himself so that his daughter could live and marry Sean Connery.  That’s love.

darby Look, I’m not going to be subtle.  You got one week to fall in love, and then I’ve got to catch a plane to Miami.

Mufasa  Death cannot stop true love.  He was a just and fair feline who taught us all about our place in the world.  Just as everything we do has an effect, so also we are never alone – the circle of life goes both ways.

mufasa He lives in you.

Marlin the Clownfsh  He swam hundreds of miles, battled sharks and jellyfish, and fought the whole ocean to get to his son. Also, he wears orange.


2 thoughts on “You go, dad

  1. Today I read that if Finding Nemo was a true story, Nemo’s dad would have grown a pair of female gonads and him and Nemo would have mated. It was like being punched in the childhood gut. But I guess regular clown fish are pretty good dads too.

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