Learn something new every day

I mentioned Todrick Hall’s Cinderfella in the last post, and I wanted to bring him up again, because his ghetto Belle music video is simple and funny, and also right-back-atcha ironic.  Because really, how would you react if a chick walked across traffic reading a book?  You’d honk at her, too; I know you would.

And I learned what booshie means.  See, youtube is educational.

On unrelated news, today is Thursday, which means tomorrow is Friday, so I pulled down the lemondrop martini mix.  At my age, you have to take your chances when they come because you never know when the weekend comes if you’ll be holding a wet washcloth for a vomitting kid.  However, I’ve been out of college far too long and I’m already feeling drowsy.  I might have to switch to tea.


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