It’s So … Epic! (whatever that means)

epiccast We stand for justice, freedom, and goodness.  Except for that weird guy with the goggles- he’s not with us.

Yes, I saw the movie Epic (the movie) tonight with BriBear, and it was good.  Not blow-your-stocking-off-the-mantle good like Rise of the Guardians, but quite exciting.  William Joyce authored both and his tell-tale creative streak comes out.  Expect a very well-planned backstory that, once again, we only get to see a smidgen of.

Although it plays out very much like a gender-swap Fern Gully x Spiderwick, the movie doesn’t play too heavily on the “save the trees!” theme.  Instead, the film applies multiple layers of family dynamic, identity, community, and feel-good self-confidence onto the minuscule world of the Backyard.  Because everything is Epic when it’s really small.

My sons are 7 and they enjoyed all the snail jokes.  If your sense of humor is more advanced than slime jokes, there’s still plenty of entertainment. The world is exciting and rich, and I felt that it ended too soon.  I want to know more about the Brian-Froud-esque creatures that scamper about the forest, the way Pixie Hollow illuminated each detail of the fairies.  I expect fanfickers will do this for us.

Speaking of which, if you need any more reason to watch the movie, I give you this.  It’s your Joshie fix till Nov 22nd.


The only thing that disappointed was the ending, which I don’t want to give away.  Perhaps fewer eyeballs and more character development could have saved it.


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