Faith n b’gora!

I’ve mentioned two of my favorite Disney foxes, Vixie and Robin Hood.  But the best bushy red is “Fox” from Mary Poppins.

  Who, me?

The poor wee fella is out on a fine summer day when a rude pack of dogs hails after him.  Luckily, some sympathetic lads and lasses on loose carousel horses happen to ride by and rescue him.  Like the good Irishman, he skedaddles from trouble, but Fox knows how to hold his own in a fight once the numbers are a bit more even.  No wonder he’s Team Poppins, waving his candied apple with the children at the end of the horse race.

It’s also no wonder that I love this character, voiced by the same Junius Matthews who gave Archimedes the owl his spunk.  The credits don’t show the main animator for this scruffy design, but Deja View has a picture of legend Milt Kahl working on Fox.  This was my favorite type of Disney animation, where the scratchy lines and simple colors highlighted the playfulness of 2D art.

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