Idle hands make… Disney crafts!

I have decided to be productive this summer.  So, I went onto pinterest because the last time I decided to be productive I had a week of my life sapped out of me by  Did you know that there is a blog out there dedicated to trying things on pinterest?  When the minds of the future sit down to write the history books on the 20th century, I hope they understand that Pinterest is bigger than MySpace and SixDegrees combined.  So big, in fact, that I joined this Pintester movement, and now I have to think of something productive to try before May 30th.

Thus, I will be productive.  And, if it’s Disney related, it buys me a few days on the blog to complete my plans for a backyard Brave-inspired Scottish Games Night.

So far the contestant crafts are:

Felt Jack Sparrow

Rapunzel Hair

Chocolate Mickey thing

Mickey Cozy or Kermit Cozy (I’m looking into adapting this idea for Maleficent or the three-eyed aliens.)

Chibi Maleficent felt

Magic Carpet something-or-others or Snow White’s duster

Jasmine arm bands

Please help me decide because I have 6 days!

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