The Most Magical Place in…Branson

It was a rainy day.

That didn’t matter, though, because Bri and I planned to spend it shopping at the Branson outlets.  One outlet.  Mostly the Disney store.

When two grown women walk into a store that runs floor to ceiling with animated characters, shop-keepers probably run a keen eye over them to decide if they are the sort who will a) try on everything, play with the toys, leave messes bigger than a toddler, and buy nothing or b) stock up on everything Disney that has been missing from their lives.  We did play with the toys and spent an unnecessarily long time analyzing the verisimilitude of the Charlotte doll.  But we also bought quite a bit, including one of the drastically reduced bear plushies. (Seriously good deal on these.  I guess they assumed people would want three a-piece.)

A few things we didn’t buy because we couldn’t decide which one was better:

2013-05-21 11.27.28

2064041260815-1And then there were the Disney Artists Series Cinderella t-shirt that I can’t find on the website now, so it’s either too late or too early for the internet.  Maybe Branson is where t-shirts also go to fade into oblivion.  But you can see that Snow White, Ariel, and Tink look splendid in the shots below.

mug 002 (396x800)

The best part of the day, however is when I thought to myself, “I need a new travel mug,” and there was this just waiting for me.  I’ve rotated it so Maleficent could put her best face forward (all of her faces are her best faces, I know) but it reads “It’s fun to be bad.”  I may black marker in the words “and drink coffee,” or I may decide not to deface the surface.

As usual, I made several detours on my way to the checkout.  This confuses the folks working because they weren’t sure if they should continue to circulate and be helpful or rush back to the register and be helpful.  “I can’t help it; it’s so magical!” I admitted when she finally asked me if I was ready.  And then I bought two eco-bags.

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