(Incomplete) Ultimate Disney Cocktail Match-up

Last night’s attempt to create a master list of the perfect themed mixed drinks for all the Disney classics was a bit of a wash-up.  One member had to stay home, and one of the remaining two only had these sort of comments to make:  “This sounds so good, we should try this!”  To which the only contributing member would respond, “Which movie does it match?”  “Nothing, it just sounds really good.”

So, Bri did most of the work.  But I did the typing!  What we have assembled so far is:

Snow White and the Seven Dwarves – Apple Pucker (Bri); Lucky Seven (Cabbage)

Song of the South – Southern Comfort (Bri); Jeremiah Weed (Cabbage)

Sword in the Stone – A King Arthur.  On the rocks, of course.

One Hundred and One Dalmatians – Wild Turkey’s 101 Proof Straight Bourbon Whiskey (You might need a special license just to buy that.)

Princess Diaries – Long Island Iced Teas (Because the original Meg Cabot books were set in NYC, and nothing gets you to do embarrassing things faster than a Long Island.  As if Mia needed help.)

The Santa Clause trilogy – real eggnog

Little Mermaid – Sex on the Beach

Aristocats – A Duchess.  (Bri’s suggestion seems a little hardcore and I don’t think it would taste very good, so we’re looking for alternatives on this one.)

Hercules – the Hercules.  (same as above.)

Mulan – the sake bomb.  (It’s the best way to find real men in Asia.  Use the chopsticks version.)

Non-Disney mentionables

Anastasia – White Russian

All said, we only assembled 10, if you count Aristocats and Hercules as half each.  But, our main contributor started crying that the Kingdom Hearts sequels weren’t on PS2, and the stenographer fell asleep after only three measly drinks.  So, we need your help on more ideas!  Please comment with themed drinks for your favorite movies, and as you can see, nothing is too corny or far-fetched.


2 thoughts on “(Incomplete) Ultimate Disney Cocktail Match-up

  1. Sleeping Beauty: Anything that will make you pass out (may be different for each drinker — sounds like Cabbage found her poison)
    Lilo and Stitch: Blue Hawaii
    Non-disney — El Dorado: Bloody Aztec
    Cinderella: Godmother (Amaretto and vodka, although theoretically you could mix it up a bit different and call it a “fairy” godmother)
    Jungle Book: Jungle Juice!!!!
    Pinocchio: Grasshopper

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