Merida, Take 2

Any press is good press, right?  Not when you’re Disney and have all the press you need.  Not when the press is very bad press, in fact.   And not when your official position severely undercuts the image you want to promote for your target market.

I hope this will be my last post on the Merida Make-over fiasco, but Disney has backpedaled their controversial image of “sexy Merida” and published a more personable and recognizable picture.  She still sports a corset, but the sparkles and eyeliner are gone and the hair has been let loose again.

Big surprise.

The bigger surprise is that Disney refuses to admit that they made a mistake.  Insider Disney posted information straight from the souce, saying that Merida picture was only temporary and wasn’t meant to be official, in any capacity.   The “version that has found its way across the Internet” is apparently all a mistake.

And if anyone buys that, they are fit to be a candidate for “denizens of fantasyland.”

Time to let this die, I feel; so sorry to waste today on a regrettable moment in Disney history.  Tomorrow, I’ll make it up to  you as BriBear and I create the ultimate Disney movie/mixed drink match-up list.

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