Mum’s Day

Merida’s big coronation was yesterday, and as I hoped, her mother placed the crown on her head.  (Though I don’t forgive them for the eyeliner, yet.) This means that Elinor will also be a regular cast member at the parks, so I’m hoping to get a picture of me next to those hair extensions.


When Brave first came out, they had kept the plot very quiet, either for the surprise factor or because they didn’t want it to be branded as a chick flick.  I knew very little when I went in: bear, arrows, big rocks, witch, and sprites, though i wasn’t sure which was good and what was bad.  I was surprised to see Pixar really break their mold and create this mother-daughter story that had me in tears (yes, in the middle of the theater;  it was so embarrassing.)  Most Disney moms of note are from mother-son relationships, and as a mother of two boys, I can recognize what’s special in that.  But the inclusion of a woman, Brenda Chapman, on the writer/director team shows up in the frustrated expectations and infinite love between these women.   Brave acknowledges that mothers are not perfect, as much as they’ve been idealized and idolized in animated films, but a mother will fight to her last breath for her children.  Palin has nothing on this Mama Grizzly.

By the way, Chapman was the first woman to direct an animated film, and that same maternal spirit runs through her Prince of Egypt.

I join Merida and many other women today, saying “Mom, we have our disagreements and our vices, but I’ve loved you since I was born, and I’ll love you till I die.  And that thing (you know, that thing) was an accident, I swear.”



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