Hero complex

Disney has released some concept art for its 2014 Big Hero 6 animation.  I find it difficult to get excited about this movie, in part because the original comic seems uninspiring, and also because Disney hasn’t yet (blatantly) ripped a storyline from a modern product before.

The plot centers on new super-heroes-in-training, sponsored by the government for organized crime-fighting, but it’s darker and more cluttered than the world of the The Incredibles, to which it will inevitably be compared.  The creation of San Fransokyo, a visual amalgam that may prove to be thematic, only recreates the most recognizable (stereotypical) qualities of Frisco and Tokyo.  The short clip on the site above recasts both cities back to their glory days, in the smoggy heat of the 80’s, so I wonder if this movie will try for a film noir feel.  And of course, that pushes forward the question of how the creators will balance the violence and Marvel’s famous character angst with the Disney audience.

To buy this one, I’ll need to see proof that Disney is up to something different and new.  Otherwise, I’m worried that the team is flying on Wreck it Ralph’s success and indulging in too much nostalgia for young male geeks.

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