Merida’s Big Day

We knew Merida was a Disney princess when we saw the first breathtaking preview.  But on May 11th, she’ll become a Disney Princess, which includes a coronation ceremony with carriages and crowns and, I hope, cake.  It also comes with a bit of a make-over.  princess merida

I’m just not sure that Mer would really approve of this Glamour Shot.  To begin with, that dress clearly has a corset, which would make riding terribly difficult.  And I am seeing sure signs of eyeliner; the only reason this girl needs eyeliner is to shield the sun out of her gaze as she hunts herself some nice rabbit for dinner.  That would be very difficult, however, since her dress seems to sparkle with un-woods-friendly sequins.

It also gets me wondering who is going to crown her? The last princess inducted was Rapunzel, and a Tom Cruise look-a-like placed the tiara on her.  That was cute, because it tied to the theme of the movie, but Naveen crowned Tiana, too.  In fact, the rest of the ten Princesses have had all had men: Snow White, Cinderella, Aurora, Ariel, Jasmine, Belle, Mulan, and even Pocohantas in her way.  Merida stood alone, and we like that about her, so I’m hoping her mother gets to do the honors.

No, I’m not sure what Mulan is doing on that list, either.  But speaking of redheads, Eilonwy gets shafted again.   She only gets love in fanart.

We’re proud of our little lassie, though, and we hope she shakes things up a little when she goes to the slumber parties.


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